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We are here to offer Electronics which are gadgets or equipment that depend on an electricity source to function. Design, manufacture, and use of electronic devices are the main foci of this engineering. They have advanced quickly, going from big circuits to tiny, potent integrated circuits. It is a crucial component in engineering. Electronics are available in huge ranges like UWB LOCATOR - DA 400 Precision Transmission, 6V - 12V VRLA Sealed Battery, UWB INDUSTRIAL TAG - DT 700, EV Charger (Fast charger), and many more. They are employed in the food business to keep food in temperature-controlled storage.
The aerospace sector heavily relies on them. 

Product Image (GEA21)

BASTRO (Power Bank)

  • Delivery Time:3 Days
  • Color:Red Wine, Black
Product Image (KBIZ21)

MKP-054K Battery operated Portable (Hand-Held) marking machine

MKP-054K Battery operated portable marking capability with Bluetooth connectivity. Ideal for large fabrications and bulky, heavy and stationary parts on pallets. Support linear, angler and cylindrical surfaces and 2D Data Matrix marking. Can create marking files directly via PC and mobile. (JS-2100 PC software / JS-2200 mobile application) Can edit marking information with built-in keyboard or send it wirelessly to the marking head in seconds via Bluetooth. Any material can be marked, from plastic to hardened steel up to HRC 62. No electric and pneumatic cable needed. Can do 40mins of continuous marking without recharging by 2.0Ah battery standard. Can create simple logo file on it directly without Auto CAD program. Possible to import excel file on it.

Product Image (KBIZ21)

InforTab (ESL Electronic Shelf Labels Retail Marketing Smart Retail Operation Hospital)

InforTab is an advanced solution that can support full graphics in three or eight colors. It can include specific product information, such as the price, barcode, graphics, promotion, and currency details. InforTab can be easily customized and configured using the RAINUS software.

Product Image (KBIZ21)

InforTab Plus (Electronic Shelf Labels retail marketing smart retail operation hospital)

InforTab Plus in-Touch is an innovative technology that combines the information display and touch functions. Its intuitive touch technology with fast response time offers visual interaction between your customers and marketing contents.

Product Image (GEA21)

Rino Intelligent Control Platform

Price : Depends on the scale of business

Product Image (SVO21)

Document Leakage Prevention Solution - docuBLOCK

  • Supply Ability:1000 Per Week
  • Delivery Time:7 Days
Product Image (DONG KWANG SA WOO 3)

IoT Smart Monitoring System

Price: 8000 USD ($)/Unit

It is equipped with IoT sensors such as welding, tapping, shelf, milling, laser, etc., which are operated elevators and automation facilities at the site, quantifies monitored data such as noise, vibration, power consumption, and operation status, finds abnormal symptoms, and responds to predictive maintenance, and efficient smart at the site.

Product Image (aphrosys 1)


Price: 1 USD ($)/Unit

We have experience in various fields such as real estate, transportation, resource environment, disaster and disaster, semiconductor, and nuclear power based on spatial information, and we are also investing continuously in the field of developing and providing spatial information solutions based on Excel. We are trying to become a place where people who dream of the future gather and make it together rather than going fast. This will also be a fast way to increase customer value.

Product Image (Stealth Solution 1)


Price: 1 USD ($)/Unit
Product Image (STEALTH)


Price: 1 USD ($)/Unit
Product Image (TECK WELL CO.,LTD. 2)

Rework System

Price: 1 USD ($)/Unit
Product Image (TECK WELL CO.,LTD. 1)

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